Iconoclast® Saddle Pads are: 31”x32”x1″ thick wool blend felt. Woolen fleece laminated and sewn to felt. Oil tanned wear leathers, industrial rot resistant thread. Saddle pads built to provide years of service.

Our felt is the highest quality grade blended wool felt 75/25 specifically designed for the equine industry. Our specifications require an exacting texture to allow complete flexibility and softness for a comfortable forming fit the very first ride. No break-in period required. We demand our felt also have enough body to prevent crushing or compression under the weight of saddle, rider, and work load.

To compliment our CR wool felt, we laminate and sew 29/32 super pile woolen fleece to the underside of our felt. Our fleece is the longest, thickest fleece used in the equine industry today. By using this very high quality fleece, our Iconoclast® Saddle Pads will not ever roll, slide, shift or cause dry hot spots to the horses back while being used. Our saddle pads are naturally impact resistant, naturally comfortable, naturally sweat absorbing and air flowing because of the combination of the best of high quality materials.

Clean with high pressure wash – no soap

Proudly made in USA by American Craftsmen



The Iconoclast® brand has been synonymous with horse care and health for years. We continue to bring only products to our customers that will confidently protect the horse to assure their health and performance. Our primary concerns have always been focused on horses health first. Our Iconoclast® Saddle Pads are consistent with our core principals. Our saddle pads have been exhaustively tested in harsh conditions for over a year in order to provide proper optimum design, size, and performance ability.

Iconoclast® Saddle Pads are 31”x32”x1″ thick Wool felt . With 29/32 super pile woolen fleece laminated and sewn to underside. Made in USA. They will not roll, slide or move out from under the saddle. Do not need a “break -in” period, will fit and feel perfectly the very first ride. Will keep your horse comfortable without pinching or bunching, will not create hot spots or dry areas under the saddle. Our contoured fit, rounded corners, wear leathers and cinch cut outs finish the Iconoclast® pads to perfection.

We are confident our Iconoclast® Saddle Pads will be your most favorite, longest wearing, most comfortable, best performing saddle pads in your barn.