Western Legacy Sales LLC has been a legally registered company since 2000. Formed and owned by Ward and Gene Heid, of Alvarado, Texas. A family-owned and operated business.

Ward and Gene have both been raised with horses in their lives from cattle ranching to performance shows.

In 2006, they had 2 home-raised horses entered in the NCHA futurity in Fort Worth, TX. They were very excited about the possibilities of all the hard work and expenses coming to full bloom in Fort Worth.

Two weeks prior to the show, both horses were diagnosed with suspensory ligament tears in the hind legs. All efforts to mend them before their debut were futile. The weight and disappointment of the injuries were troubling to say the least. Because of the sudden loss, Ward began a journey of education and effort to recover both horses.

In the process, one has to fully understand the dynamics of function and locomotion of the horse, from an in-depth view to understand the root causes of soft tissue problems. This in-depth view of horses in motion also had to include the effects of a rider, training, environment, foot care, confirmation, and several other factors that can cause undue pressure and/or imbalance.

When we understand the basic form, we can then find the solution. To this end, we hand-made a set of prototype support boots to help recover our injured horses. These support boots were designed to cradle and lift the sesamoidial region “fetlock” during work or recovery. By properly supporting the fetlock, one can avoid most any soft tissue injury to the lower limb. After 8 months of therapeutic exercise and care, both horses recovered perfectly, without any scar tissue, with the aid of the newly designed leg boots. This was a quantum leap for most injuries of this nature.

When the horses were released for return to work, our attending Dr. was very impressed with our simple handmade boots used in recovery. Because of the results and benefits of proper support of the boots, we were asked if we might formally manufacture more of the same. This set the stage for us to not only assist in recoveries, but also prevent injuries to many horses around the globe in any riding discipline.

The journey of what is known today as Iconoclast® Equine Support boots
began with two injured horses. It is important to know, the design of Iconoclast® Boots is tailored to provide proper support to the sesamoidial region of the horse’s legs. No other equine leg boot or wrap can provide this.

Our mission for Iconoclast has always been to help people help horses! We are here to share our experience as horsemen, trainers, and friends to help anyone that wants to learn to help their horses.

Ward and Gene Heid
Western Legacy Sales LLC / Iconoclast®

To God be the Glory

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